Little Laundry Closet + Big Design

OK, lets get this out of the way first. The big guy (my husband Scott) just could not understand why in this world I needed to re-do the laundry area. In his words....Why? It's just a waste, we are rarely in there. Well, he was partly correct. We are rarely in there, but I am there almost every day, and I wanted something nice to look at while I am there. Not that it is a room (one of my dream rooms!), it's just a closet, but still. I figured it would be a good warm-up to the bigger projects I am planning in the near future, so it was a perfect weekend project!
I also want to apologize ahead of time for the low quality photos. The lighting in the hallway is not the best. Here is what the gloomy space looked similar to before (this is not my image since I seem to have lost the before photo), but it is eerily similar to our standard builder grade laundry closet just to give you an idea.
Our first step was, of course, to take down the shelves. I hate wire shelves. No offense to those who love them or currently have them. As sturdy as they are, I just can't handle how everything seems to tip over in the little spaces between each wire. It just drives me crazy!
Anyhow, I digress. We painted the space a really pretty medium gray, which of course took up most of the day since I ended up having to paint the whole thing by myself. No, it's not that the big guy didn't try to help, it's just that he just can't paint like I can. And I am a perfectionist (some call it OCD), and needless to say, he was happy to hand over the brush! He did, however, get to handle the next step of cutting out, sanding and staining the shelves. These we stained in a Dark Walnut. My newest color combination love is gray and dark walnut, so I just had to go with it!
Here is a little tip, if you have something permanently affixed to the wall that cannot be moved, paint it the color of the wall! Ha!
We then installed a sturdy rod to hang drying clothes.
One piece of advice. Hang your awesome vintage light fixture before hanging your sturdy clothes rod. Yeah, not so much fun in such a tight space, but it was worth it!
After cleaning out the dryer vent and moving the washer and dryer back in, it was time for the fun part.....decorating!!! Yay! I added some pretty succulents in white planters to tie in with the washer and dryer and trim and to break up the dark color of the shelves.
And of course, one of our best sellers of our hand painted décor line, our set of four laundry room signs, also in white to lighten up the space (these can be found in our Etsy shop or on our website here).
To the walls, we added a couple of giant safety pins to the right that tie in with the dark shelves, and on the left for color contrast and texture, a wire shelf.
I also added a cool dark bamboo laundry hamper, darker gray waste basket for lint, and a set of three baskets, which were a great addition to hold more storage than I really need! What's in the baskets you ask?
Looks like someone has a hand soap addiction.....
I also found this cool space saver. An ironing mat. And it matches. It must be fate!
One more shot, which was the widest photo I could get since our laundry area is in a hallway.
And for the outside, just in case we get lost and can't find the laundry closet, we have another one of our hand painted signs (also available here on our website)....
So there ya go! Who says a small laundry area can't be beautiful?
Well, I have to say, the big guy was impressed as well and maybe now he will be a believer. Or maybe even be inspired to do some laundry of his own.
~Lisa Gail


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