A Jazzy New Year

I don't know about you, but we still make new year resolutions around here. Not that we always keep them (OK, we rarely keep them!), but looking toward a fresh new year always makes us excited for the possibilities that this year could bring.

This year my personal resolutions include healthier eating, getting into an exercise routine, making those updates to our home that I have had on my list for forever, getting more organized and last, but certainly not least, relaxing more!

I have realized over the years that relaxing doesn't mean you have to sit quietly and do nothing, but that you can also relax while doing everyday tasks. Like working. I decided that my studio can be even more of a relaxing place by adding a few items that I find calm me and basically, make me happier. So I added a new speaker and found a jazz playlist that, by the way, sounds amazing on this speaker (really, it sounds like you are in a NOLA jazz club sipping some type of drink and enjoying a live band!). Then I added a new candle (this one is Marshmallow Fireside) and a lava lamp (don't judge). 

We also have been working on some upcoming changes and additions for Pumpkin Patch Creations that we are excited to share in the months ahead.

How about you? Do you have any resolutions this year that you are excited to share?


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