About Us

Hey Y’all, I’m Lisa!

My husband Scott and I live and work in Monroe, a charming small southern town in Georgia. I am a mixed media artist, and I am most comfortable with a paint brush in hand, while Scott enjoys learning more each day about the joys of woodworking (well, some days!).

We have owned our own business since 1996, and we have enjoyed watching it evolve into the creative and successful home décor business that we enjoy today. Pumpkin Patch Creations consists of a private workshop and art studio out of our home, as well as displays in local vintage malls in our hometown, and an Etsy shop.

 I started this blog not to make a business out of blogging, but to share some of the awesome little ideas I learned along the way. I hope you will join us on our journey as we have as much fun as possible in our pursuit of making our house into a home!

  ~Lisa Daniel