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The Name Pumpkin Patch Creations

We realize that our name may be a bit unusual for a sign and decor company, and since we are frequently asked about it, we thought a bit of explanation would be in order. While expecting our first baby in the fall, we didn't know if it was a girl or a boy, so we knick-named it our little pumpkin. Two years later, while we were expecting our second little pumpkin, we knick-named our home the pumpkin patch (growing those little pumpkins took a lot of love and labor!) After starting up our family gift business in 1996 and coming up with hundreds of creations, the name Pumpkin Patch Creations took on an even more special meaning.
Our hope is that we can be a small part of your life, and that we can help you make special memories of your own!

~ The Pumpkin Patch Creation Family