Rustic Laundry Room Storage Ideas

diy ideas for storing laundry products

I am still totally loving my new laundry room makeover! And, yes, the Big Guy did admit it was worth it! ha!

So I was thinking how great my new laundry room looks, but how in the world my modern luxuries known as pre-treatment, bleach, detergent ect. will fit in to my rustic look? I don’t have cabinets for them to hide behind. I have seen some go with the pretty container of powdered detergent and a neat little scoop, but, alas, I really don’t want to go back to powdered laundry detergent.

So, I came up with a few ways to make my modern luxuries fit in! Here is how I decided to ‘contain’ my liquid bleach, and my spot pre-treatment:

I found these really cool glass spray bottles (available in clear and in brown!) to store and use my homemade spot treatment (more on that later!). And I also found some long neck flip top glass bottles for storing bleach. To cut down on clutter, we decided to go with pods, and saved having to store detergent, oxygen treatment and liquid softener! But what is in the Mason jar, you ask?

Well, I’ll tell you, that is where I keep my dryer sheets! Let me show you how I did it! First you lay out your sheets still stacked as they normally come.

Then, you roll them up from one short side to the other:

Place the roll into your jar (did I mention that these are available in our Etsy shop here)?

Then, when you need one, just open the jar and pull one up from the center!

Make sure to close it back up to keep them smelling good!

And then, wha-la! There you have everything you need out in the open that will add to the rustic farmhouse look you are going for! No need to hide them!

There they go on my wire shelves along with my wool dryer balls. Oh, and did you notice the amazing vintage syrup jar that I snagged at one of our awesome antique stores here in our small town (know for antiquing!)? That is for collecting any change that I find. Notice how it is empty so far? Well, as soon as it starts filling up (and believe me, it will!) that money will be going towards another diy project! Yay!

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